Sean Fuller Drum Kit 2013

Drums: Mapex Mydentity Maple
3-18×22″ kick drums
1-8×10″ rack Tom
1-8×12″ rack Tom
1-14×14″ floor Tom
1-16×16 floor Tom
1-16×18″ floor tom
2-5.5×14″ black panther “blade” snare drums (1 is back up)
1-6×15″ octabon
1-6×18″ octabon

Gibraltar rack system, throne.
Mapex falcon series hihat stand, double pedal and single back up pedal.

Cymbals: Zildjian-
23″ Avedis sweet ride
2-20″ A custom ride/crash
1-20″ rezo crash
1-20″ A custom crash
1-15″ set A hihats
1-16″ set trash hats (K effects crash/rezo crash)
1-9″ oriental splash
1-10″ a custom splash
1-12″ A splash
1-20″ z china

Sticks I use/endorse are Vic Firth 5BX wood tip with black hockey tape on butt ends

Drum Heads:
Remo smooth white emperors on toms, coated emperor X on snare, power stroke 3 clear with black dot on kick is choice of drum heads.

Roland sdp30 trigger pad
Two Mac book pro/Abelton live
Tama Rhythm watch.

Sean Fuller

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